Flesh vs Spirit


God makes treasure not trash - Personal value

Some feel that they are too lost, a mess, full of shame or guilt, & not good enough for the Lord. That they are less then they need to be or a mistake. These are lies of the enemy because God doesn't make trash He only makes treasure. You are His treasure. A desire to be loved and to love, to give, and be kind, of compassion and humility, they are all evidence of the Holy Spirit (Spirit of God) within you. You are His child and He is with you.   

The battle ground - The Mind

Often we find meaning in what we do, where we go or who we are around, who we want people to think we are and what others want us to think about ourselves. This messes with our minds, our beliefs, our reality and our health. But the Price of Peace desires to meet us where we are in this season of life and encounter us in the current circumstances that we are in, regardless of how lost or low we feel. He doesn't expect us to change before He will talk to us.  He is willing to meet us here and now in the middle of the mess.   He doesn't expect us to ascend to Him. 

Self Fulfillment vs Pleasing God - The Body

We all have  a preconceived plan for our day, our week or our lives. Sometimes they include fantasy that reflect the desires of our flesh. Getting rich, having a better house or car, making a name for ourselves, becoming more popular and fitting in. These fleshly things often take a place of priority leaving the very things that God finds value in behind. God's plans fill all voids. Are you willing to step into His plans are are you steadfast into hanging onto your own? 

Focus or folly - The Spirit

What do you place your affection on? Where is your focus?   What do you treasure?  Do you thrive on the chase? Then what is it you are trying to fill? The void that causes people to chase things that are not of God is a key indicator of a spiritual heart condition that is looking for healing.  The Kingdom of God is the answer.  


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